Sunday, February 7, 2016

Things I've Never Done #1

I’ve never … made candied (aka, caramelized, crystallized) ginger.

In fact, I didn’t know there was such a thing.

I just finished reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and one section inspired me so much, I am now doing things like making candied, caramelized, crystallized (and learning that I don’t know how to spell those words) ginger.

This is the first of the things I’ve never done series. And there’s going to be one each week. Until I die (or before).

Elizabeth Gilbert talks about passion, and looking for passion in such a way that makes me almost want to laugh at myself for looking so freaking hard. She using a great analogy; looking for passion to give your life purpose and flare, is like saying “all you have to do to lose weight is to be thin.”

She goes on to tell a story about a garden she was “curious” about, and from that, an idea was born.

The I’ve never project. Each week I will do something I have never done.

So here is week one.

Last week I started brainstorming ideas of things I have never done, but am curious about. In a Friday meeting, a great friend unwrapped a cookie from the wrap-mat (so adorable) and another friend inquired. What is in that cookie?

Converstation led to one special ingredient, candied ginger. Which is not readily available to buy here in Mexico City. So, I announced, I will make it.To which they cheered, YOU'VE NEVER DONE THAT!

Little did I know what this would entail.

I Googled the recipe and it seamed quite simple.

Buy ginger, peal it with a spoon, boil it … and then I could have sworn it said bake it. 

 So I baked it … and we took Cami and Aero for a walk.

I could smell burnt ginger and white sugar from the street. And had a mild heart attack thinking that this might be the second house I put up in flames.

Deflated and scraping the pan, I asked Ricardo, “should I try again?” And so I was back at the grocery store, back peeling ginger (with a spoon) back boiling it … and questioning whether I should try baking it again.

I heated up the oven, scraped the soft sugary ginger on the pan, and put it in.

Meanwhile ... Cami was being all cute. 


Candied Ginger.

I’m sure there is a lesson to be shared here – but I don’t wish to elaborate. Got a baby bag to prepare, 100 handstands to do and a football game to see. 

Thanks Elizabeth Gilbert. One down, a whole buch to go. 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Story of the Skateboard

Today I went out for a ride on my skateboard and Torrey asked, "How long have you had your board?"

It was a sunny day in Rio and I had signed up for a race called the Rei y Rainha do mar (The king and queen on the ocean). Even though I lived in Rio for five and a half years, I never got over my fear of swimming in open water. It's one that has settled into my entire being, and getting past it is work, work, work. Every Sunday in Rio, the main strip parallel to the beach is closed for runners, cyclists, skaters and so forth. I really wanted to be the girl who skirted up, put on some colorful running shoes and cruised down the strip with a playlist in tote. But like many things in my life, I also had the I'm not good enough to do that, I should't, I could't, I don't fit in ... bla, bla, bla that played out.

The race was from one end of the beach (In Leblon) to the end of Ipanema, and my heart was thumping, fast. BoOMp-BOOmp...BOOMP-BOOmp. In order to rid the mental chatter, I made a deal with myself. If didn't panic during the swim, I could reward myself with a skateboard. It was something I felt needed to be earned.

I didn't panic.

So, that Sunday afternoon, I set off to the local skate shops - but they were all closed. I finally found one that was open, and as I recall, they only had one board I was interested in. Go figure - the picture on the bottom - a tidal wave.

So I spent way too much money and bought it.

Now I have a skateboard. I'm no Kelly Slater but I managed an 8km trip today. I hopped off the board twice and luckily landed on my feet when balance got the best of me, but I sure do love sucking at a sport. So much room to grow.

There you have it ... you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Next time you are afraid to do something, do it anyway. And don't forget to pat yourself on the back - with a new toy.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

15 for 15

I can not come as a surprise that my picture selection for 2015 has shifted. As I looked through my files, much room is occupied with pictures of Cami, and I don't regret that one bit. While there are more than a handful of moments when I think what have I really done this year? All it takes is a moment to trip through Dropbox, to realize, I have had another eventful year. Pics are not in Chronological order.

1. Parque Mexico, Mexico City

Maternity Shots with Les

With the sun shining and Jacaranda blossoms paving the way through the park, Les and I met up for a maternity shoot. Looking at these shots seems surreal to be honest. I can remember being pregnant, for sure, but it seems like so long ago. That being said, it seems like just yesterday that Cami was born. By this gallbladder had all but shut down and packing on the extra pounds was all but impossible. The silver lining of the diet (no fat, no dairy, no high protein) was that I would be able to fit into my wedding dress when the day came. I love this pic for the shape of my belly, the color of my hair and the little love joy growing inside.

1.5. Hospital Medica Sur, Lomas, Mexico City

Camila Jude Godinez Clement (1 day young)

I used to think that Cami's name was a mouthful, but now I love it. I love that we got to squeeze a little bit of my Mom in there and it suits her perfectly. I haven't shared the birth story here in cyber space. So here is the condensed version. Wednesday night, April 15th I went into labor. The contractions didn't hurt, but despite sage advice, I stayed up all night timing them. At my last prenatal appointment, I was told that my fluids were "low" so in the morning, when the contractions were 4 minutes apart, I called my doctor and went to the hospital ... to be sent home. Fluids were just fine. By 10:00pm (Thursday night) I started to keel over a little bit with the contractions. Now they hurt. When they say you'll know, they mean it. Again, I timed the contractions all night

Insert: another sleepless night

2.0 ... and went to the hospital at 6:30am Friday morning. I got settled into my room and could not wait to hop into the tub. I made the mistake of asking my doctor when she thought I might have the baby, to which she answered (never trust a doctor who answers this) 1:00-2:00pm. I could do that. My contractions worsened, and each hour I was dilating only a fraction of a centimeter. By 1:00pm, I was 7cm. By 2:00, 7cm, 3:00, 7cm, 4:00, 7cm. By 5:00 I was kicked out of the tub, because I was still 7:cm. 6:00, 7cm .... I had decided then, that if I was still at 7cm by 7:00, I needed to have an epidural. I hadn't slept since Tuesday night, was exhausted and fear crept in. At 7:00 I was still 7cm. Leading up to the birth I had a lot of hope leaning on the 1 minute between contractions, along with the one minute contractions ... I had neither of those. My contractions were long, and if I moved a muscle, another crept in. Cami was born at 10:02pm with a nuchal arm. She was placed on my chest and we had a little chat before being swept off. She is the greatest blessing to date.

3. Mexico City, Mexico

Hard Criminal Passport Photo

And ... that's her passport photo. Period.

 4. Tulum, Mexico

We Got Hitched

I Diane, I Ricardo promise to:
To start and end our days with love, to love you when we are together, and apart, to love and protect our family and strive to be amazing parents, to walk beside you unless its a race, to inspire and encourage you to do what makes you happy and fulfilled, to be honest and faithful, to make you smile b4 bed, to share of ourselves, to discover and never stop exploring, to be an optimist and look for solutions, to respect you and to listen to you, to be part of your family and friends, and to never forget the little things. Diane - To put the phone down when we are talking. Ricardo - To put down the phone when I am driving. Diane - To always find new spots to put your clothes. Ricardo - To make sure there is always a glass of water next to you. Diane - To move Aero to your side of the bed every night. Ricardo - To not give you a hard time if you have not showered in 3 days. 
To be your best friend always. I love you. 

5. Mexico City, Mexico

My Comeback Race

I love this picture because there is a lot of love here. Daniel and Martha have turned party animals - party animal/triathletes :) Kristen is pregnant in this picture but no one knows, and Torrey is lovely as always and wearing bike shorts from my first IM (which Niva gave me). The day was a test on ego and letting go as I flatted twice on the bike. In a short race, flatting twice is race-shifter. That podium you wanted, was never yours to begin with. And the race itself, owes you nothing. It never does.

6. Teques, Mexico


Shortly after I was allowed to get back on my bike, we made our way for the hills. We discovered a new route here, and along the way there happens to be an airplane in someone's black yard. We thought about names for this route, and first agreed that it would be called the landing strip ... but that was soon kyboshed and now it's called Turbulence. Love this pic for so many reasons ... bus mostly the landscape frame.

7.  ASF, Mexico City

3:00 - 4:00 Yoga Class

I never leave this class the same as when I came in. Teaching to the teachers here at ASF started my first year. While the faces have changed, the joy has not. There is nothing like spending one full hour with a group of teachers and not talk about teaching. These people trust me to take them from their hectic and stressful days, and flow them on their mats. There are always a ton of laughs, lots of breath, balance and ease. I love these yogis!

8. Chapultapec Park, Mexico City

May 17, 2015

On Cami's first month birthday, a group of friends made their way to the park for a picnic. My sister was visiting and we spend the afternoon watching the dogs play, munching on snacks and chatting away. I even ran 5km this day while my sister watched Cami. This picture brings a huge smile to my face. Daddy + Aero + Cami = Love.

9. Los Cabos, Mexico

Ironman 70.3 6 Months post Cami

Swim: 46:56 (Division rank 29)
Bike: 3:15:57 (Division Rank 17)
Run: 2:39:27 (Division Rank 23)

Overall: 6:50:22 Division Rank 23/40

This race was Hard. Wetsuits were prohibited, so I was feeling rather insecure right off the bat. With a conservative swim, I set of for what I thought was a decent bike. Then I ran ... and ran ... and ran. When I told Ricardo my run time, he said, "oh, you walked!" Nope - I ran. The whole thing ... and finishing never felt so good. This was the farewell 35-39 age group. Next year I am 40-44. Bring it on!

10. Sayulita, Mexico

Body Bliss Retreats

Once or twice a year, I host, or co-host a retreat. Hosting in Sayulita was nothing short of magical. The beaches are not jam-packed and the shore line is riddled with fishing boats rather than hotels. The hills host some fabulous houses and the waves are forgiving. This year, some came with kids, some without. Nothing quite like a run on the beach ... followed by burpies, lunges, planks and frog kicks.

11.  Muskoka, Canada


Other than on the mountain top, there isn't anywhere I would rather spend my Canadian summers. Lake and mountain run a stiff competition in terms of places that inspire. This year we hosted many friends and family at a cottage in Muskoka. The view was breathtaking, the weather, fabulous, and the company - the best.

12.  Muskoka, Canada


Each day at the cottage, some people came, and some people went. In total, I think we hosted around 35-40 peeps throughout the week.

My favorite kind of trip.

Love all these faces.

13. Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Eden, Cami, Madison

This school trip caused a few feathers to ruffle, but these girls were a dream to have with us. Along with 180+ sixth graders, we enjoyed a week of nature, horse back riding, crafts, bee farming and bonding. These three got to hang out and have fun. We have Eden on the right who is just about 8 months and a smidgen away from walking already, compassionate Cami in the middle, and Madison who loves her mommy so much she couldn't bear to be out of her arms for our imposed picture. We love out kiddos.

14. San Luis Potosi, Mexico


Last year I posted a picture of my Canadian family after a muddy wagon ride through the Canadian forest. This is my Mexican Family. Ricky is the youngest of 5 kids, so there are is no shortage of inside jokes, loving arms, stories of the past, nieces, nephews and love to be had here. I feel really fortunate to have been welcomed into this family with loving arms.

15. Whistler, Canada

Sealed With a Kiss

We spent Christmas in Vancouver and New Years in Whistler. Ricky hit the slopes for five days and I did for four. Yep, four days of boarding. Bliss! Friends and family met up in one place or another which made the trip even greater that it already was. Thanks to the Colmenero's for the invitation, and to everyone who made 2015 a year for the books.

2016: Passion, Focus, Freedom ...  and a few other words I am working on. 
Let's move from words that light us UP!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

(3x1)+T3 = 1+(1x6/7)+(1x4/5)+T3+(1x1/7)+(1x1/5)

I have had a DNF (did not finish), a DNS (did not start), but I have yet to be DQ'ed from a race. I have made so many race mistakes, I sometimes feel like a rookie. I have raced close to 100 times. 99 so my race book tells me. Last weekend I turned a tri into a race of a different sorts; a swim, bike, run, bike, run. A quintathlon if you will.

I've raced with my Garmin (my race watch) in "multisport mode" 2 times in three races, once during Ironman France, last race - when I flatted twice and messed up the multisport function so I didn't have stats to back up my mouth when I stated to all (and still do) that I would have come in 3rd if I hadn't flatted – twice (holy run on sentence Batman). And this time. I was intent on having hard data. And using it if I needed to.

Here we are. Not the race recap I had in mind. None the less …

We swam 750m in a pool (in a lane with 5 gals) and climbed out. Getting on my bike I was intent on catching a girl I heard would be a good competition ... so I saddled up and off I went. Five laps into the seven lap bike, I had closed the gap to one minute. She had righteously kicked my ass in the swim. 

I was honing in when caught sight of transition, jumped off my bike and into ditch my bike and grb my shoes. My watch read 19.6km of the 20km bike. But as I set out on the run course, I started getting passed by girls in my age group ... they were still on their bikes.


It hit me. I was so caught up in the hunt, that I failed to consider my watch was measuring a cumulative distance of swim and bike ... I had missed a lap and now everyone was going to think I was a cheater. Worse, I would probably be disqualified.

I spent the better part of the run coming up with my plan. Instead of finishing the run, I would trek back, get my bike, ride
the loop, ditch my bike and then run the missing run segment.

Closing in on the finish line, people cheered. I by-passed the timing mat, asked told the judge my plan and grabbed my bike and set out for the missing loop. I ground down and made my way back to the missing run segment, ditched my bike (on the street corner) and set out on foot. I crossed the finish line and got my little medal.

Leave it to me to turn a tri into a quintathlon ... all because my head was in the hunt.

The moral of the story: if you are going to pay big bucks for technology, learn how to use it.